Feb 11, 2011

Leave the Black Light Off

Encouraging news out of Michigan. The government's educational program seems to be taking hold in the land of Asian carp.  Michigan waters do not yet resemble a seedy hotel - pun intended.
"State officials say tests show no Asian carp DNA has been found in Michigan waters."
It also helps to have Simon doing his best to get the word out.  With a little ingenuity, we would have no need for a carp czar and a $80 million budget. Strip this thing enough and it is bound to block a double-helix or two...if even just by happenstance.

Durex Pike Streamer - Courtesy PFFA
Wait a minute...did I read the article wrong?


  1. Clif, I think you might have missed something somewhere... if you need me to help you understand the birds, bees, and bass just let me know.

  2. You got any for sale? Also... Do you make those in Magnum size?

  3. I bet fishing a fly like that just doesn't feel the same...

  4. @J: perhaps we could review it sometime.

    @JTFF.C: you'll have to talk to Simon.

    @T-Rage: Not for you, but that thing has ribs and studs.


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