Feb 22, 2011

Love the One You're With, or Hate the One You Love

I was having a case of the Tuesdays, pretty bad.  Remarking to a coworker, "I need to find a new job" resulted in him providing this link.  I've been trying to ignore the thought, but the question was finally thrown down. Could I fish professionally?

The article brings up some options, so lets break it down:
  • Off-shore commercial fishing is out right away. Downstate Illinois isn't known for it's shore and is much less popular for it's off-shore. Maybe I could squeak by with daily boat loads of Asian carp. Something tells me the government subsidies in that space are about to dry up, so lets move on...
  • Tournament fishing would be akin to throwing money away...or maybe it's more like buying a boat.  The idea is to make cash, not spend it. I'd be better served to meet the real professionals at the ramp and hand them my entry fee directly. I could save money on the boat that way.
  • I might be able to swing being a guide...for awhile. However, I get skunked regularly on the very water I know best.  Word would eventually get out about "that no good guide," and business would shrivel up faster than...well, you get the point.
  • One prospect not mentioned in the article is to go pro in the blog-o-sphere. I ran the numbers and at my current rate of return there wouldn't be much room for content between the ads.  But who needs content when you're making cash-money baby?
Yes, this is real, I was as shocked as you must be now.
Then I got to thinking about whether or not I really want to tarnish my only hobby.  After all, work is work and I believe you will grow to despise it eventually, not matter what you do.  I don't think I could handle the day when I have to drag ass out of bed to hit the lake.  Fishing is currently one of 2-3 pleasurable things I do, I'd like to leave it that way.

I better find something I like about the current situation.  Maybe I need a yacht, a posse, some booze and a B'Dazzled woman with a tackle box crotch.  That would sure liven things up at the old cubicle farm.


  1. Tuesdays suck. Glad I'm not alone.

    Don't go pro. Makes tax time messy. Trying to claim Green Pumpkin Sparkle Senkos as a work expense screams Federal audit.

    You didn't know about DJ Kilacutzz? That been dun been on my iPod. Tacklebox crotch is the bling of 2011.

  2. If I would have seen this last night, I would have responded with, I've got a story that will really make you cry. Fortunately, I didn't see it last night and tomorrow (today) is another day. Being as it's Hump Day and tomorrow is over the Hump Day, I'll just say, I'm running off to join the circus...don't try to stop me.

  3. I think they left one off the list. You could become a fishin' pimp... make the trout turn tricks... backhand the bass... make them bitches work for you. Don't know how they forgot that one. I'm also not really sure how that works, but thought I'd share.

  4. @T-Rage: We got another Tuesday coming around this week.

    @Hofisher: Why would I stop you? I enjoy good entertainment.

    @Jay: If I do that, can I still get the tackle box crotch?

    @Dustin's FB: Welcome, glad you enjoyed.


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