Feb 14, 2011

Still good, but in a new kinda way

A recent post at Bass Parade jarred something loose in my memory; something I need to share before I forget again.  The old-timey videos reminded me of similar stuff, but with a local flair.

I am pleased to present Bassmaster's Superstars tourney, held in Peoria, IL from '93 until '95. Those guys were fishing the Illinois River - water I now look at every day.

Now I look at the river and wonder just how good the fishing was back then, it is a bit surreal to imagine. You see, the bass fishery is currently a shadow of the hot action they had back then. I've heard talk things are now improving, but I can not independently verify.

However, we are the center of the universe for "aerial bowfishing."  So there's the upside.

Keep reading:
- You can watch the '93 video here ('94 video is strangely absent...do I smell a conspiracy?)
- Official tournament results: from '95 from '94 - from '93.  A few of those names are pretty big these days.


  1. Yeah, I have a comment! That is crazy stuff?? It looks like a whole lot of fun, but I would hope that the guy in the boat across from me has really good aim!!!

  2. Literally everything about that bottom photo is wonderful.


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