Feb 2, 2011

This is not an apology

I was on a pretty good tear for a few weeks, saturating the market with blog posts.  You may have noticed I've been a bit absent more recently. If it ain't one thing...

It's another.

I have a back log of post ideas nearly as long as the list of your posts I missed.  Fear not loyal readers, the world will soon regain equilibrium. Shortly after, our water will be wet again and I will be happy.

Now I have to take the garbage to the curb.


  1. Get with it man, we miss your wit!

  2. I love me some tiling. Excellent trowel technique you're displaying there.

  3. I'm glad Jay loves it, cause I hate it. ;) How's that whole snow thing goin this week for ya? ick.

  4. There never seems to be a lack of home repairs that can be worked on when you can't get on the water. I agree with jay. good technique. The word verification is "breakin". Maybe refers to your tile?


  5. @CFisher - You miss me wit what?

    @Jay - Thank you for the compliment, I've always dreamed of the day when I would be internationally recognized for my trowel work.

    @SBluedge - Snow wasn't bad, but the missus had three days off. She gets a little stir crazy sometimes.

    @Tubeman - Maybe if the verification said "installed backwards"

  6. 5 days without a post isn't too significant!

    I lost most of December to home repair. Funny. Happened to be the best part of duck season too.


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