Feb 28, 2011

A weigh-in on the Oscars

While you were busy "searching the Google" for a deal on knock-off Versace, I was hunkered down in the man cave.  Sipping beers, tying flies and watching the biggest event bass fishing has to offer.  They even finished the show within three hours, a rare feat.

Know you probably missed it, so I found a few images of the telecast to share...

Mrs. Franco isn't too pleased with her meager bag

A true legend proves he can still compete

Billy entertained with a Ray Scott tribute song.

Melissa Leo dropped an F-bomb on the crowd

Christian Bale took big fish honors

Natalie Portman topped of the winning limit with this bronze chunk

This just in: I really need to go fishing.


  1. Nice work. I didn't know they got all dressed up for the weigh in these days... it's been a while since I saw a tournament on TV.

  2. @Jay - oh yea, it's all pomp and circumstance these days.

  3. You certainly do need to go fishing.

  4. No, I missed the weigh-in, so thanks for filling me in. I've been told several times in many different ways by many different people, that I'm a lunatic and a loose cannon. All I can say Mel, is welcome to my world. See you at breakfast.

  5. My waders are so out of fashion; for my next photo op I will make sure I bust out the Dior.

  6. If I had only known that the fish were coming...I would have kept the show on...bummer! Natalie sure looks happy with that prize!!
    Better than any gold statue...really.

  7. The oscars were on? I'm so out of it.

  8. @The Emb, this post was published way back in March 2011. You're not that far out of it.

  9. ha! Ok. I feel a little better now. :-)


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