Feb 8, 2011

You Missed It Last Year, Didn't You?

Mark your calendars! Hooked on Fishing Park in East Peoria is once again opening their gates to fly anglers.  You give to a good cause and in return you get a crack at the biggest inland trout in the state.  The park is located about midway between Chicago and St. Louis, a short drive for you big city folk.  Here are the details from The Stream Stalker:

In conjunction with Nate Herman, I will be hosting a fly fishing day at the Hooked On Fishing park in East Peoria.  We held an event last year and it was a huge success.  This event is being held to raise funds to keep the park running.  The park is designed to allow kids and senior citizens the chance to fish waters that are intensively managed.  The lakes are full of fish, including the spring-fed trout pond that has the biggest trout you will find anywhere in the state.
The event will be held on March 12th from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM.  Here are the guidelines:
1. Fly fishing only
2. All hooks must have the barb pinched down
3.  Purely catch - photo- and release
4.  A suggested $25 donation will get you into the park (if you can donate more, the park would truly appreciate it).

Hooked on Fishing Park in East Peoria is a local not-for-profit organization doing good. Their mission is simple:
Our mission is to teach the sport and joy of fishing to local children, senior citizens, and special needs groups by providing the equipment, place, and education free of charge.

For this fund raising event, they are opening the park for all fly rodders of any skill level. For beginners, there will be many experienced people to help you learn.  There will be plenty of rods to try out as well.  Did I mention the trout are huge and dumb?  Trust me, you'll get tired of taking pictures.

I went to last years event and had a blast.  These fish are pigs and take large streamers readily, last year I found Clouser minnows (up to size 2/0) to be very effective.

So there you have it.  This is a guaranteed to be a great time, Jonn uploaded some pictures from last year's event and I re-posted mine in this post.  If you have questions, leave them below or on Jonn's blog.

UPDATE: Click here for the location on Google Maps.

And here is the video I shot last year..I'll see you there.


  1. Pretty cool looking place and those trout are amazing. Have fun, wish I could come back home for this.

  2. It was absolutely amazing last year and I'll absolutely be there.

    Hey Clif, I have a work buddy who's from out of state who's interested in coming. Would he have to pick up a non-resident fishing license for this?

  3. Nope, you don't need a fishing license or trout stamp to fish at the park. We have a license that covers all anglers.

  4. I noticed this quote from your article and was wondering which one you would fall into??? "The park is designed to allow kids and senior citizens the chance to fish waters that are intensively managed." My vote would definitely be on the OLD side based purely on your driving.

  5. @CoFisher: It's a shame you're not allowed back. I'll talk to the governor and see if there is any chance at leniency.

    @Mark: See Nate's response right below yours.

    @Nate: Thanks for chiming in.

    @Skottypeaches: Why don't you come down for this and find out how old I really am?


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