Mar 18, 2011

Confessions of a Blogging Sociopath

A big thank you goes out to Jonn "The Stream Stalker" Graham and Nate "The Lake Doctor" Herman for hosting a great event. Hooked on Fishing Park in East Peoria is gearing up for a huge year and Saturday's fund raising event was a spectacular success. If you missed it (again) please make sure you come out when the opportunity arises again.  Click here for additional pictures from this year's event.

Confession time: I'm an ornery devil.  About the big trout showed the other day, there are a couple things you should know.  I did not lie...but maybe there were some facts left out and specific words intentionally avoided.

First, I'll be honest and say I foul hooked it.  Secondly, I'm pretty sure I don't care. Fishing in a trout pond while sharing shore space with an automatic feeder isn't exactly the epitome of all that makes fly fishing regal.  So I snagged it, I don't care.  I didn't do it intentionally and it made for a superior fight. It felt like reeling in a sideways semi-truck.

Thirdly, I have no idea how big the fish was.  I didn't measure it, I didn't weigh it and my previous post was just a dirty trick to get an idea of it's size.  I posed the question to get some expert opinion from those who probably know trout better than me. I was a little amazed at the amount of feedback and judging from your comments, I'm guessing it was 23-25 inches and 5(ish) pounds. You're all winners in my book.

Thirdly, I "caught" that fish on Clif's Crawdad.  A fellow long-rodder named Brian enjoyed tremendous success catching trout with a crawdad pattern. I finally twisted his arm enough to learn the secret - actually he gave it up easily with a smile. Luckily, I'm fully stocked up for the new season and happened to bring along a handful of crawdads. The fact I snagged a fish with a crawdad amazes me a little.  I was fishing the fly extremely slow on the bottom and somehow still managed to snag a fish.

And fourthly, after hours upon hours of fighting free software, here is the video.  Not yet in HD due to Vimeo's restrictions on free accounts.  Come Monday, it'll be all right - I'll replace with the HD version.


  1. Snagged or not, I like it...the video was worth the wait too.

  2. Ahhh...confessions are good for the soul! Nice vid.

  3. Good job with the video Clif, I felt the pain of losing that monster at the beginning all over again. :)

    I will now go post this video wherever I possibly can.

  4. You guys got into some nice fish! A great little kype on that underwater shot.

    PS: Your underwater filming was good. It was definitely a lot more sturdy and clearer than the shots we've been getting.


  5. Great video clif! Looks like a good time...snagger.

  6. Very Nice Video Clif!! Well done!!

  7. I have one question and one comment.

    question: how long is your middle finger? I ask this more as an estimate for length, instead of how easily the world knows when you are flipping it off.

    Comment: nice work on the video. I don't know what you are talking about with regards to your skills getting good shots. from the underwater shots to the screaming reel shots to the jumping fish shots. well done all around. Great video Clif.

  8. Why you sneaky little...

    Man! I really thought I was going to win a big stash of chocolate or something! Now I'm just bummed. Heehee.

  9. @T-Rage: Thanks, I liked it too.

    @RDeezy: I traded in my soul long ago.

    @Mark: If it wasn't such darn good video, I wouldn't have included it. Thanks for that looking at the camera in extreme disappointment.

    @Stephanie: I had to look up the word kype. It's amazing what super-slow-mo will do to a quarter second of underwater fish footage.

    @Howie: The snaggingist SOB struck again, didn't he?

    @Brian: Thanks for find the site, hope you stick around. Stay in contact and we'll fish some more.

    @Yuke: I've been told it's a little too long. It's an interesting process to distill 45 minutes of video into just over 3. The good stuff is there, you just have to find it and accentuate it.

    @Lola: Thanks for playing! Your participation gave me the greatest pleasure out of them all. Especially how you arrived at the guess.


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