Mar 4, 2011

Fishing Posters Part One: The Bass

Part one of ten...stay tuned.

 As a sign of good faith I am starting with the lovely bass.  Don't laugh too hard, you're next.



  1. Man I could have sworn this said fishing posers. I was going to nominate myself!

    As long as I'm here though, cool idea. I can't to see what you come up with for carp...a sewer maybe?

  2. @Cofisher: You won't have to wait long.

  3. High HP Metal-flake paint job bass boats really capture the quiet solitude of fishing for me... at least they reinforce why i much prefer to catch my bass from a stream.
    Nice poster. Where can I order one?

  4. At one time I was that guy. Once I came to my senses I sold the Nitro and bought a Native Ultimate 14.5 Kayak. One of best things I ever did. I spent more time taking care of the boat and worrying about the engine than I did fishing.

  5. @Jay: Buy one at Bass Pro Shops, only $13.99. Or Right click-Save-Print

    @JeffR: We are all that guy, to some extent.


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