Mar 9, 2011

Fishing Posters Part Six: Walleye

Part six of ten...stay tuned.



  1. You know... I don't think I have ever seen anyone release a Walleye. I guess they just taste too good for their own good.

  2. The few times I've eaten them, they were really good. Thirty-two would feed an awful lot of people. They could have put some back.


  3. @Jay: I wonder what the walleye tournament guys do. Maybe one will chime in.

    @Dustin: You should, they are delicious.

    @Tubeman: To protect the innocent, I cropped out all the anglers from this picture. Looked like a large family outing so I think 32 will feed an awful lot of people.

  4. As I was pulling my kayak out of the Spring River in AR late last season, I watched a couple of guys floating by and right in front of me they boated a Walleye about 5 to 6 pounds. They were clearly not fishing for Walleye, as both men seemed quite surprised, and announced "it's a Walleye!"
    Almost needless to say... it didn't return to the water. I think they were actually fishing for Smallmouths.
    I bet after a Walleye tournament they just have a big fish fry.

  5. Catch and Fillet...
    Hell yeah!!!


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