Mar 16, 2011

Go North For The Winter

For two years, I have had things all turned around. This winter and the last took me north (I am in Michigan while you read this) and I spent much time south of the border during summer. I've used the excuse of business to convince people I ain't crazy, but I am still working on the reason I'll head north yet again this month.  The best I've come up with is this...

I've been called up to the big leagues ladies and gentlemen. On March 25th I will venture further west than ever before and walk under the Big Sky for the first time.  The next day will find me and 17 other crazies waste deep in cold head water and up to our elbows in fishies.  Can you picture it?  18 dudes waving sticks in synchrony...that's what she said.

We will travel from all over to congregate, fish, eat, drink, try not to drown, and pay bail. There will be at least one representative from each coast plus a bunch of us boring folk from the middle.  Some of these guys I know and some I have never met, but they have all been hand picked by someone I can trust.  Rain, snow or sun I'm sure we'll have an awesome time.  Are there skunks in Montana?

How does one prepare to fish Montana in March?  I've been asking myself that question a lot lately.  I figure there is a moderate chance for "frigid" and packing some warmth is smart thinking. I bought tights Monday I am wearing them as this post is written. I don't care who knows it.

Pictured: not me

If you are in the area and see a bunch of stumbling idiots (one of them in tights), make sure to stop by and say hello.  Nineteen is no worse than eighteen if you really think about it.


  1. get ready for weather. good and bad. summerish and winterish. big fish and not as big fish. i will be on the madison that week otherwise, I would try to make it over there. From the looks of it on old man river or, fun will be had and fish will be caught.

  2. I should'a bought a pair of Nike's. My UnderArmor's don't make my legs look anything like that.

  3. More information than I needed to know Clifie! Have fun but please don't send photos of you modeling your "tights."

  4. i don't know why everyones getting their panties in a bunch about these tights. it is such a normal part of my wardrobe that I assume everyone rocked tights during the winter times.

  5. @FW Fisher Dave: I'm not sure anything can make your legs look like that.

    @Cofisher: I seriously considered posting a picture of my tight clad chicken legs here, simply for the shock (and awe) factor. However I knew you would not approve.

    @Ivan: Together we can get the word out, and no one would ever again feel strange about seeing another man in tights hop around the parking lot while suiting up.

  6. The thought of Ivan hopping around the parking lot in tights scares me to death, but I've got my camera ready just in case. Ivan or Big Foot, I'm ready.

  7. Don't know what Montana in March is doing but I can confidently tell you that:

    1. You're gonna love it. That part of the country is absolutely gorgeous *anytime* of the year.

    2. Wyoming in July still has snow on the ground in the higher elevations so I'm assuming it's gonna be pretty cold, especially at night ...and...

    3. Those "man tights" are... um... very... um... Spiderman-like. Yeah. That's it.

    I'll sh'up now.

  8. @Cofisher: take a picture, add it to your collection

    @Lola: I'm really looking forward to it. The extended forecast is just creeping out to Saturday the 26th and their calling for highs in the 50s. We'll see how that changes as the date nears.

  9. @cofisher - look for my next video. maybe i will give a .5 second glimpse at my man tights. then all you need to take is a screen shot.


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