Mar 15, 2011

I Learned a Good Way

I'm starting to learn a few things about taking good fish videos..
  1. It's really hard
  2. I suck at it
I'm still working through the trout park fishing video, and a business trip is going to delay things at least a couple more days. I'm trying to whittle it down to something watchable, you can thank me later.  However I do have one nugget to share right now...

I recently heard a song and thought it was perfect for a fish video, if only I could manage to get the shot I needed.  Well I got the shot with the big rainbow trout I recently showed you. Here is my first attempt at including music in a video.

Goodway Goodbye from Clif on Vimeo.

The grand video experiment continues...insults, praise and pointers are encouraged.


  1. Song = great.

    Taking video of fish is damn hard. We're still working at it, and don't have a decent one to post. Can't help ya with any pointers because we both suck too.

  2. I liked it Clif. I'm no good at video either, that's why all of mine are about 15 seconds. Not everyone can be YGF.

  3. Just have to say, nice fish!!! Haven't tried video......yet. Check us out at in Maine.

  4. A good start. Like the music. I agree that video is hard. You've seen a couple of mine and they stink.


  5. i like it. i think the music really lines up well with the release. Looking forward to the full version.

    @ mike - thanks.

  6. Good job Clif! I'm impressed with the video footage and the song fits right in. I give it 3 thumbs up.

  7. Who am I to complain about your work? I haven't caught a big trout in awhile, don't shoot video hardly at all, and, I stink too!

  8. @Stephanie: If you figure something out, let me know.

    @T-Rage: I'm getting ready to post a compilation of 15 second videos.

    @G&E: thanks for comming around, I'll check it out.

    @Tubeman: I can always count on you to compliment.

    @Ivan: Getting the music to land where I wanted was the most frustrating part. I'm sure you know all about that, maybe thats why you chose to comment on it.

    @Cofisher: 3 thumbs up what?

    @Mel: You and Tubeman, a couple stinkers.


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