Mar 17, 2011

Just Like It Should

While trout fishing the other day, a strange thing happened. I caught just two trout, while managing three bass and four hybrid bluegills. Even in a pond chuck full of trout, I can't escape the warm water species!

This seventeen inch specimen was perhaps the highlight for me, even considering the hook jaw I also brought to hand. That may seem strange, but let me tell you why it was so nice.  This bass took Clif's Crawdad, the fly I've been tweaking since my first days tying.  I'm always overjoyed when I trick a fish using my own creation.

Just don't ask why I was fishing that fly in a trout pond.  I'd probably just lie and say the trout were after crawdad patterns all day.


  1. Ya just never know what'll work.


  2. Nothing better than tricking a fish with your own creativity. Nice work!

  3. "I'd probably just lie and say the trout were after crawdad patterns all day."

    I can't believe you would suggest such a crazy thing.

    The bluegill definitely were biting. The two I caught were bigger than any panfish I caught all last year too.

  4. Hi Clif, thought I'd just post from the road. Still on the way to Monterrey. Hope I get there before the Fabs get sold.

  5. I like the trout better, although I do like that fly pattern.

  6. what happened to fishing those cat hair streamers? and when are you going to tell us the measurements on the hook jaw?

    bass, bluegills and trout - that has to be a fish slam of some sort.

  7. @Tubeman: You're right, the whole goal is to figure that out.

    @Stephanie: I agree, and thank you

    @Mark: I tried to take a picture of one of the bigger gills, but dropped him in the drink while going for the camera.

    @Cofisher: The four have been sitting there for over a year, no hurry.

    @Dr Timmy: We all have our short comings

    @Ivan: I never tied a cat hair fly, I only thought about it. About the hook jaw, patience is a virtue. Vimeo is processing my video as I type, it won't be HD because of their "1 per week limit." Look for something tomorrow or Saturday.

  8. It had to be the red eyes...good catchin' Clif! So, is the FishSlam on vid?

  9. Here I was trying to read between the lines with a picture of a recently groomed cat and some ridiculously exotic sounding Icelandic Sheep Fur. My mistake.


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