Mar 1, 2011

Reverse Polish Notation or Do You Kick It Too?

They taught me loopy cursive, no one can tell me why.
Preached about playing nice, but you must be stern when needed.
Teached me up on spelling, but not how about "find and replace."
I memorized the times tables, now I can spin R.P.N.
Melvil Dewey is forgotten, I learned how to "search the Google."
"Avoid strangers," they said, but about making friends?
Taught me how to draw up a floor plan, now I work in 3D.
And they taught me how to use a bobber, look what I've learned since.

Despite the noble cause and effort, I've taught myself the most.
It's you against the world and you can't wait for handouts.
This is no place for a beggar.

I'm kicking ass, do you kick it too?

Special thanks to Howard and for an opportunity to think about something, write it down and win a sweet prize in exchange.


  1. Clif, thanks for waking up long enough to post!

  2. Here's my dilemma! I'm reaching the age where someone is bound to kick mine, but I don't know that.. yet!

  3. @ FlyFishingCrazy

    just tell 'em: "don't make me hit your fist with my face..."


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