Mar 14, 2011

Web Bait for March 14th

The water is thawed and weather warming. Soon, time spent outside will be greater than couch time and blogging effort will plummet.  Did I just hear a collective sigh of relief?

I am now introducing a weekly feature. Web Bait will show up every week with links to things I find interesting. I'm not much for following through on commitments, so this may may be the best thing since polarized sunglasses

Contact me if you have anything I should consider for future Web Bait.


  1. No, I didn't sigh, I just yawned. Even after a long day fishing you can put together a short post like this. Just do it!

  2. Such is the life of a Lunker Hunt follower, I suggest you get used to disappointment.

    I have all sorts of priorities in my life, and blogging isn't really near the top. It fits somewhere below going outside and it's definitely no where near actually fishing.

  3. Maybe if I can get some of those "toy" fishies, I could put them in the bath tub full of water. I might actually catch something then. Don't have to worry about dirty colored water and runoff that way!

  4. @Mel: good idea but water quality probably depends on if you're in the tub too.


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