Mar 12, 2011

While You Were Reading This

If the Blogspot gnomes are doing their job, this post should drop at precisely 10:10am (central) on March 12th.  By this time I have most undoubtedly caught my first fish of the year.  I'm sure it was huge.

In preparation for the trout fishing today, I tied up a few streamers.  Last September I brought three Clouser deep minnows and found myself short by about 6-10 flies. I was really scrapping bottom in my fly box; those fish were breaking off every chance they could.  This year I'm prepared with plenty of Clousers and Murdich Minnows, plus these thingies which I came up with.  It's similar to the venerable Clouser deep minnow, but I substituted Icelandic sheep hair for the top layer of buck tail.

I'm becoming a huge fan of Icelandic sheep fur.  It is more supple than buck tail, looks nicer on a hook (to my eyes) and is about 10 times easier to tie with.  The extra suppleness means it will move well in the water, even when tied in relatively short lengths.  This property is not unlike kip tail, but Icelandic hair is softer than even that.  I'm going to have to get some more colors.

After tiring of Clousers, I stepped out of the box and did this little number, still sticking to the Icelandic theme.  This is more closely related to a Barteaux Minneaux, but I've used a tandem hook and added Icelandic fur for the dorsal coloring.  Plus I threw in some rubber legs for good measure.  Who knows how it will fish, but it was fun to tie and will be fun to fish.

And finally, because I don't have any fish pictures (yet) is a picture of my cat.

So Ashamed
Don't worry, this will all be over soon.


  1. Nice ties Clif. Even though we don't catch the same type of fish, I always admire someone's skill at tying. Good job.

    I see a pattern here that I hope doesn't "catch"

  2. I'm a great fan of the Clouser Deep Minnow. Be interesting to see how your's works.



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