Apr 5, 2011

Bighorn River - Montana in Pictures

Oh, I've got so many pictures from Montana.  Where to start...where to start....

 Some scenic pictures perhaps? Lets start with the Bighorn Car Lot...

Too boring for you?  How about some with people in them?

Still here?  You must be looking for fishing pictures....

That his honestly a fraction of the number of pictures I have.  Thanks to everyone who brought cameras and Tim for compiling all the pictures.  Special thanks to Luis who has a special eye for great photography.


  1. Awesome pics. Looks like a great trip.

  2. Nice!
    Loved the progression....what...comes.....next...?

  3. Great scenery and people/fish pics are never boring. The photo of the car hulks lining the bank reminded me of my days on a ranch on the North Platt in NE where this was done too.

  4. Hey Clif. Great pictures, one and all. But wait, is that guy with the shotgun shooting fish? I had to go back and count the shots. It's #17, but I know from experience that you can't shoot fish. Tried it, doesn't work.


  5. Great pictures. Looks like you guys had a great time. I watched 2 shows this week about fishing the Big Horn and here you are living the dream. Good for you.

    Thanks for sharing.
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  6. these pictures are nice and all, but they are sort of sullied by canned high life.

  7. Everything looks dim compared to the gleaming gold of a high life can.

  8. Poor, poor fishies...question: what is that guy shooting at in that picture up there? Were the fish too smart for the worms?

    Great photo documentary of your trip! I especially love that first photo and --believe it or not-- the one with all the cars on the river bank. You guys sure drove a lot of cars to get there. ;)

  9. Very nice, Clif. Some great fish with good friends and lots of stories for memories. Do you suppose that you will listen to the call of Montana again sometime?

  10. I don't know, it's just so hard to determine if you guys were having a good time.

    Nice journey!

  11. @MNAngler: Thanks, it was a blast.

    @emb: I'm..uh..working on whats next right now. Any ideas?

    @WDSTK3: The cars were a surprise, but seemed to fit.

    @Mark: They're easy to hit once they're already dead.

    @PeeThru: Thanks, it was a dream

    @Ivan: You're still wrong

    @Lola: Don't click on the first one...at full size you'll see it has some motion blur...Our cabin came with a trap thrower, and someone planned ahead. So we also had a shotgun and clays handy for a snowy morning's trap shoot.

    @Mel: I'll listen again, but she better lower her prices before I answer...I had some work issues that kept me from booking the flight until late, so this trip was a little pricey.

    @Gary: It took me about 2 seconds to decide I was having fun.

  12. Well let's see here "15 eaten" -- how, pray tell, were they eaten? :)

  13. @emb: eaten about as quickly as 18 hungry dudes could.

  14. So you couldn't get a lower rate with priceline? Well, I think that any fishing trip is worth the price. Why does a fish put such a smile on one's face? It's all about the journey.

  15. Nice photos Clif! Looks like a few of you even mastered trout fishing. I'd like your favorite trout recipe please?

  16. What's with the dude shooting in the one photo?

    It sure looks like an amazing trip. I've read about the cars in the river, and wondered what it would look like.

    Fantastic pics.


  17. @RD: I did the best I could, even connected in Salt Lake....

    @Howie: Breaded and fried

    @Owl: I detect a hint of jealousy in your remark.

    @FairFisher: The rest won't be quite as easy.

    @Stephstin: That "dude shooting" is me. We spent a morning shooting at clay pigeons...even hit a couple. The cars caught me by surprise. I would have loved to get a closer look but they were on the other bank.


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