Apr 28, 2011

The Funniest Video You Will See Today

Hat tip to Yukon for finding this....I wouldn't be a good Peorian if I didn't repost.


  1. Hi Clif, funny video but it does make me wonder if I need to worry about my mental health, being an Illini and all. I'm thinking of not procreating just to be on the safe side. Is this illness specific to Peoria or can someone from Chicago get it as well?

  2. It used to be only a Chicago-Land affliction, but enough of that crap floated down stream it's threatening the Mississippi.

    The state of Missouri filed suit yesterday to close the Illinois River at the border and divert the water through Kentucky.

  3. Clif, I think you need to become friends with these fine gentlemen and become a "Knight of the Carp Waters" yourself.

  4. Hey Clif. Another fine way to try and eliminate the Asian Carp. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Not the Carp, the guys.



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