Apr 18, 2011

Happenstance and Effort

I've often said I'm not a photographer. Sure, I take a lot of pictures and occasionally they look nice, but getting a good shot is normally a product of happenstance over effort. I am more likely to be noticed for my photoshop skills but even that is amateur, boorish and not worth clicking to see. On the flip side, there are people in the world who go to great lengths for a perfect shot...like this one:

Photo courtesy of The Weather Channel and Peter Lik

I recently published Bighorn River - Montana in Pictures.  The post was not intended to be a photog's dream and I even confessed some pictures were not mine. At the time, I possessed a gazillion pictures from the trip and simply wanted to share them with the world.  Some of the pictures were note worthy, most were not. The post got some attention; the regulars posted comments, the lurkers quietly looked and Ben from The Weather Channel contacted me directly.  I know...kinda weird...The Weather Channel of all things...contacting me.  Well, they have a new show and a photography contest - you should take notice, it could affect you.

Ben wanted us to know about a new show on The Weather Channel called From the Edge.  The show follows Peter Lik as he goes to great lengths for the perfect shot. What this has to do with weather is yet to be determined, but I know Peter is a master photographer known for breathtaking panoramic landscapes.  His work is displayed in galleries around the globe and can reportedly be found in the private collections of the Queen and many US presidents. He's also Australian, which means he is tougher than you.

Next week's episode takes Peter to the Mojave Desert, and I can't wait to see what he does in Death Valley.  You can find it on Thursday April 21st, 2011 at 8pm eastern.

Now this is where things get interesting for you.  The show is sponsoring a weekly photography contest you could win!  Peter will choose a weekly winner, and all the winners will be eligible for the grand prize. The grand prize is an all expense paid trip to Vegas.  You and a friend will receive a tour of Lik's gallery, a helicopter tour and picnic at the Grand Canyon and $500 to lose at The Golden Nugget.  Sounds pretty good doesn't it? You have to enter to win: use the Facebook Application by clicking here.  This week they are looking for desert pictures.  The desert is something I don't have pictures of; with me out of the running you'll have a chance this week but don't get comfy.

Maybe next week they'll be looking for scenes from a warm stagnate mud puddle, the bucket mouth's lair.  That is something I can probably win.

Disclaimer: I was contacted by a representative of The Weather Channel and offered a copy of Peter Lik's book Spirit of America in exchange for this post.  To be honest, I haven't even watched the show but you can bet where I'll be Thursday night...on the couch watching Peter sweat in the Mojave.  Also, I'll probably accept the offer for the book but I haven't decided yet, I'm not huge on owning huge books.


  1. Clif, I think that's pretty cool! You could send me the book....OR have a contest! Looks like Lunker Hunt is on the Weather Channel's list. Good job.

  2. Some of those photographers like Peter Lik and the guys from Deadliest Catch, for example, leave me in awe of their talent. I'll be checking out TWC on Thursday too.


  3. If only I were a good photographer!

  4. @Cofish: Thank you for avoiding the temptation to put me on their radar.

    @Mark: You'll be snowed in anyway, why not?

    @Tim: Make up for the shortcomings by taking tons of pictures, one in 100 usually works out.

  5. What a compliment to contacted! That's pretty awesome.


  6. Lucky you! I'll be glad to take that book off your hands if you can't find a spot for it in your home. ;) I also could have loaned you a couple of desert pics. I've got a few laying around here...


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