May 9, 2011

I Say 3X Max

Armed with the knowledge I threw down in my recent Senko post, Old Man River has gone multi-species in a big way. There is hope for him yet.

Photo courtesy of Old Man River
And just like a typical trout angler, he gives the measurement in inches...twenty of them. He's hoping for weight estimates from people who know bass.


  1. Nice bass! Huzzah for multi-species-ing it!

  2. 20inch bass in Minnesota will often go 5 or a little over. Most places it's a mid to high 4lb fish.

  3. @E.M.Bop: yep, we're no single species snobs. We're multi-species snobs.

    @BP: You were supposed to leave that comment on Old Man River's post. Oh well, I think he reads LH too.

  4. You'd really need to know the girth to be fairly accurate.

  5. I would guess a good 4lbs. Does he sing?

  6. I'm going to go be a multi-species snob today, in fact! Cofisher, all bass sing! And carp croon...


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