May 6, 2011

Petroleum Products Sans Lube - The Pinch

It seems like years ago when Owl sent me a few of his hand tied flies. The patterns were foreign but one in particular screamed bluegill - the Orange Stinger. Tonight I finally got a chance to try them and fulfill my duty to Owl Jones - sorry it took so long but every year we experience something known as winter.

I met up with Mark, of Intro to the Outdoors. I brought my new 3wt with the expressed intent of seeing the bend a five inch fish could give it. Casting a 3wt takes different skills than an 8wt, but I'm getting the hang of it. Mark is getting the hang of it too.

The last time I filled my truck it cost almost ninety dollars. You would think a petroleum product would have better lubricating properties, but all I feel is pain. The goal for this trip was to scope out a local pond for post-work fun. It is only six miles from home and has the standard bluegill/bass/crappie mix.

I am looking forward to fishing here some more this summer, as the water warms I should have no trouble keeping the Hoopty Noodle bent as long as I can keep a supply of Orange Stingers at hand. If you would like Orange Stingers for your gills, get a hold of Owl here. I'm sure he'll be happy to help and tell you an oddly riveting but loosely constructed story about fried food and barbeque.

Some of these fish really had a chip on their shoulder, I'm going to love the Hoopty and this new water.


  1. Hi Clif,
    Great photos and that Orange stinger looks a devastating lure.

  2. "but every year we experience something known as winter" -- hehe! Sigh...I seem to still be experiencing it! The Orange Stinger looks like a great fly.

    Oh, and I hear ya on filling up the gas tank -- ouch!

  3. Bluegills on a 3-wt is nothing but fun...especially when a rogue bass comes up and slams your fly. I'm a trout guy (duh) but really like chasing the gills and sunfish once the weather gets really warm. Owl might be on to something there with that tie.

  4. Owl is a pretty darn good tier. You hold the additional proof if any is needed. Nice gills, I sure love to eat them.

  5. I would post my own version of events if my own version of events wasn't "Went fishing with Clif, fell on my ass, missed several fish, watched Clif catch half a dozen bluegill on Owl Jones' awesome flies."

    It was a good time tho, we'll have to do it again. And I've got to get myself a 3wt, it was so much more effortless to cast. Definitely top of the wish list right now.

  6. @MFish: Devastating indeed

    @EMBEE: Hang it there, it'll be over soon enough.

    @T-Rage: I so excited about the day I nab a bass on it.

    @C0fsiher: You eat flies?

    @Mark: I was trying to be nice and not talk about you falling and getting skunked. I couldn't help myself and went back tonight. Now I need 1-2 more ponds like that close by and I'll be set for summer.

  7. Hey! Cool! I wondered if they'd catch fish outside of GA. ;) LOL Thanks guys and thanks for the link-love Clif. Those are some really healthy lookin' bluegills! ( Those come in orange, yellow or brown & can be had for $20 a dozen/ $3 shipping. We'll call it the "Clif Rocks a 3 wt. Sale!" :)

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