May 23, 2011

A Public Order

Strange behavior this weekend by the bluegills, they were timid to say the least. Most weren't able to fully commit and I saw way more swirls than I felt tugs. Perhaps it was the weather, which also caused strange behavior on my part...I apologize to those now blinded by the white of my wintered chest.

I even had one bass cruise up slowly and "nibble" the fly, but he wasn't nearly as big as the one that later exposed a bad knot. Her fight was over before I realized landing a pig on a 3wt was going to be trouble.

Owl's Orange Stingers were the hot ticket again Saturday. These are seriously excellent flies and the gills can't get enough. Nothing else did the trick and I've come here to announce publicly I'll soon be ordering another batch. I strongly recommend getting yourself a dozen.


  1. I love fishing these little guys. And then doing it with an owl creation..... great!

  2. Colorado fish had commitment issues this weekend too.. ;) Perhaps Orange Stinger Therapy is in order...

  3. Glad to see the good weather made its way to you as well!

    I thought we'd catch more blue gill Saturday afternoon, but only one decided what we were offering looked tasty. Weird going ons with the blues.


  4. Sorry to hear about the 3wt. When you add the rod breaking with the trouble you had with the reel.... Hopefully they send you out a new one without as many problems.

    Bitchin' gloves btw.

  5. Hey Clif, got your email...I'm working on a new batch for you already. I'm really glad they're working out for ya!

  6. those gills are some fun fish...haven't seen owl's stinger, but looks like a nasty little fly!

    glad you got to show off a wintered chest, even at the expense of the newly blind...

  7. @ACompoundWord - Yes, and owlie's creation is killer.

    @E.M.Bop - They caught wind of the rapture.
    back to normal now I'm sure.

    @StephinandDustanie - You need some stingers

    @Marky Mark - Shhh...the broken rod story won't land until wednesday. Don't ruin it. They are bitchin.

    @Owlie - I got nothing I didn't say in the email and this post.

    @Sandier - A little less angelic now, but I still have a few shirtless outings to go before I'm in peak shape.

  8. @Mel - I love them too, and don't call me God.


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