Jul 5, 2011

Any Locals Willing To Post Bail?

Last year on the final night, vision blurred and the clock ticked hard. We had finally exposed a crack in the mystery of the lake and had two hours to blow it wide open. I'm told I screamed like a little girl when I lay hands on my best bass ever...I contend no one can remember the moment clearly. Pictures represent the only solid evidence:

Five fingers, five pounds, two drunk fishermen
I came home and restocked the armory, successful pattern intact. Not just the successful pattern, but the hook, worm and weight. There she sat all year long - mostly because I avoid bait casters like the plague. Tomorrow I will pull that ten inch worm from the keep and dip her in the spot she last swam...maybe even tempt the same fish.

Ten inch worms go with big bass like beer goes with fishing. A match made in heaven to not be tampered with. This will be my last post until the fifth annual Toothless Beaver Adventure is in the books. I've dubbed this year's trip: "TBA 2011 - The Year of the Bar Fight."


  1. Haha! Well, I'm looking forward to post-bar-fight posts. ;) And, sweet bass!

  2. If no one offers to post bail, I'll help you out. do you think they'll take Owl as collateral?

  3. Hey, what about Justin's kayak? Think they'd take that?

  4. I've never worked the 10"er. May have to get on that!!

  5. @The Emb: I hope something interesting happens. Otherwise you will all be sorely disappointed.

    @Cosifher: Thanks, but no thanks.

    @The Emb: Absolutely not

    @Brookfielder: It can be slow at times, but you catch bigger fish.


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