Jul 11, 2011

He Loved It Hard

Brady came in from Denver and wanted to catch ugly green fish. I did the best I could...

"Sure am glad I'm fishing with you. I don't want to be one of those trout snobs." A sentence I suspect was filled with half truths and back-handedness. I took it as a compliment nonetheless.

Brady felt "the baby heart attack" of bass sipping exploding on dries frogs and he loved it. He loved it hard. He might even come with me again or, God forbid, seek bass in Colorado with the tips I gave.

Trips like these make me think about guiding, but I remember I'm not real good at this whole fishing thing - I just get lucky sometimes. I have very little patience for stupid people and I hate giving up good spots. I make exceptions for good friends.

Plus this friend ain't no snob.


  1. Looks like a good time for good friends to catch a few bass...nice of you to share your favorite spots! : )

  2. theres some good bass in colorado too! great way to some time when the runoff has the rivers to high and muddy to fish

  3. Good looking bucket mouths! You are a good friend to take the trout snob to your favorite bass spots!


  4. As a trout snob I stick my nose in the air and "poo-poo" this post. (While being secretly envious of catching ugly green fish).

  5. I had to check and see if you posted a porn video...thank goodness no. Yeah there are bass in Colorado. No one I know fishes them except the carp guys.

  6. Good looking fish...I'm not really sure how to identify them considering I'm a trout snob, but I'll take your word that the fish fall somewhere in the bass family...ha!

    Well done...looks like you guys had a ton of fun!

  7. Trout, bass, it's all good. 'Though it does get a bit pricey being ready for everything.

  8. @RD: It was nice of me, wasn't it?

    @blake: or just a great way to spend time, any time.

    @Stephanie: good looking fish too!

    @T-Rage: I have just the place for people like you.

    @Cosifher: We both know there are better sites to find that kind of thing.

    @Sandier: They are not trout, that is all you need to know

    @Mike: You are a man of much insight.


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