Jul 1, 2011

Kayak Angling - The Good and the Bad

So you want to be a kayak angler, there are somethings you should know...

Launch anywhere... I mean anywhere
Your shins will be sun burnt
It's cheaper than a boat, by a long shot
Fishing in the wind is difficult
Your position makes it easy to skip lures
Add a fly rod to wind? Don't even bother.
It's just you and nature
You can't snap off snags
Sneak up on feesh
You'll get a little damp
Line weight doesn't matter - fish will pull you around
Storage is a premium
Exercise, exercise, exercise
Standing is inherently risky
Doesn't require a trailer
Taking a piss becomes a chore
People notice you
People notice you
Easy to cool off on a hot day
A full day sitting in one or two positions
No one to take your picture
Adds an element of challenge
Challenging to cover lots of water while fishing
Easy to load and go at a moment's notice
Easy to store at home
Running out of bad stuff
No gas bill

Environmentally friendly

All the cool people are doing it

What did I miss? (see comment link below)

There you have it, the pros outweigh the cons. Now find a kayak and hit the water.


  1. Ha! You had me convinced with the "cons"...then you had to say all the "cool" people are doing it...and you did sneek up on a good feesh! Excellent pointers, but, I'm still 'toonin! ; )

  2. @RD: I suppose most of this applies to pontoons too.

  3. I would have to agree... except for maybe launch anywhere. I've seen a few cliffs (no pun intended) that I would love to launch from, but it didn't really seem like a safe idea.
    Great post.

  4. Safe and fun are two totally different, and unrelated, things! We could call it...base kayaking!

  5. not related to kayak fishing, your new header looks great

    thinking alot more about buying a kayak. the canoe is back breaking work loading and unloading when fishing alone. the more i read, the more i want!

  6. "Taking a piss becomes a chore" --> now you know what it's like to be a woman. Anywhere. ;) hehe. great post. I want a kayak.

  7. Wading, park anywhere you want. Put on waders, a vest with a few things in it, grab your rod (fishing pole). Walk up stream, stroll down the river/creek back to your car. Fish all the fish holding spots the kayakers drifted over or couldn't get to. Before they're out of ear shot, yell, "hey, you missed one." Laugh hysterically. Release the fish, catch the next one they missed. Repeat endlessly.

  8. I enjoyed that and only have an issue with one statement. "All cool people do it." -unsubstantiated rumor.

  9. @Jay: safe is a relative term.

    @Brookfielder: you're on to something, got a waterproof camera?

    @Blake: Thank you on the header comment. My kayak weighs about 60lb without gear. Manageable, but still not light as a feather.

    @The emb: I thought about women when I typed that, but I figured you already knew it was a chore and the men should know it can't be taken for granted.

    @Ken: I agree with you, unless you're fishing the strip pits we have in abundance around here. A quick drop off to 30ft makes wading tough...even for you.

    @Cofisher: the last picture was submitted as proof. I take it you disagree?

  10. I've been thinking about a Kayak t for many of the reasons you stated. I'm looking to hunt out of it as well.

    Thanks for sharing.
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