Jul 28, 2011

Norm's Crystal Schminnow

While in Florida last week, I visited Norm Zeigler's Fly Shop. Norm says his Crystal Schminnow will catch bass as well as it catches snook. I'll find out tonight after work and let you know.

It is a super easy tie, five minutes max. Can you guess which fly shown came from his shop, and which one I tied last night?


  1. Using my keen eye for observation and my powers of deductive reasoning, I can say with a pretty high level of confidence that the Clif version is on the bottom. The giveaway is the hooks... and not a lack of tying skill. Your version looks just as tasty as the original.
    The pattern looks pretty much like a classic white marabou tail Crappie jig which will catch fish just about anywhere. I suspect this will have similar results.
    Have fun out there.

  2. @Jay - I will admit the hooks Norm sold me were not the exact same hook used in the fly he sold me. So...those two flies are on different hooks. However, the only difference is not visible in this picture.

    Perhaps you're seeing a different surface finish but that is an optical illusion due to the crappy camera in my tablet PC. Both hooks are nickel plated.

  3. I 2nd Jay's guess. Bottom fly is Clif fly. It's in the eyes... ;) Looks great, and will catch fish for sure!

  4. To be a contrarian, I will say the top is yours. Because let's be honest, it's a toss-up. Like E.M.Beezy, it is in the eyes.

  5. I thought the hook up top was a stainless saltwater hook which you would expect from a fly intended for Snook in Florida. The one on the bottom looked a little more like a nickel plated freshwater hook... more likely to be on the fly tying bench of a guy from Illinois. That was my thought process. So... which is it?

  6. @The Emb - Women are suckers for good eyes.

    @Evon - Little eyes or big eyes, thanks for trying to even out the vote

    @Jay again - one is a hook from my desk in Illinois, but I purchased it from a fly shop near the beach in florida. The flaw in your logic was assuming hooks are unable to be relocated.

    @All - I am leaning toward the bottom one being my handiwork, but I can remember. I really doesn't matter anyway.


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