Jul 13, 2011

Pink Like a Rookie

TBA 2011 is in the books and with it came a new member. We introduced "Mel" to the world of Toothless Beavers.

As a life long friend and old fishing buddy of charter member Tom, Mel's sudden inclusion wasn't questioned too much. We met him once before the trip and he demonstrated a keen ability to hold booze...a key characteristic for TBA members. A quick huddle and his place as probationary member was fixed, but probationary members must bear the mark. Something to attract attention and warn passersby of a drunk, and potentially dangerous, beaver.

He wore his pink shirt with pride and we're thinking next year he'll graduate to full-fledged member. The benefits of such a distinguishment aren't really clear, but I'm sure it is totally awesome. No promises though, the committee still has to discuss "the incident."  Mel, we'll be in touch.

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