Aug 3, 2011

And I'm So Proud

My dad is not a serious fisherman. In fact, I dare say he's no fisherman at all. Imagine my surprise (with a tinge of pride) when I saw this in my inbox yesterday...

I read Alaska is chuck full of Humpies right about now. Dad and Uncle Gene have more cell phone pictures and I'll see if I can get my mitts on 'em when they get home next week. So far, this is all they're giving up.

If I can learn the name of the saint who put up with those two, I'll let you know that too.


  1. Wow, surprisingly little response to this. Either no one cares about my dad or my readership is a little light on salmon enthusiasts. I'm betting on both.

    @The Emb: Thanks for playing along. You're a good sport.

  2. Way to go!!!! I'd love a pic like this from my old man!

  3. Patience, Clif. Way cool. Good going Dad and Uncle Gene. Nice fish!

  4. I had a busy day...but I think its great that you would post up about your dad....I mean, heck ...he is in Alaska! Lucky guy...


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