Aug 23, 2011

Boba Fett on the Right

Chub number one
When I awoke Sunday I had never caught a creek chub. By lunch time I had caught more chub than certain other (unnamed) species.

First casts, only a few feet into our trip
My guide for the day was Mark, he keeps the blog Intro to the Outdoors. Go check it out and follow his progress in learning all about fishing and hunting. He is also publicly tracking his weight loss and has made impressive progress with all three ventures. Encouragement and advise is welcome.

I found a bass too
The goal for the day was to puddle hop down a creek he discovered a few weeks ago, get some exercise and maybe catch some fish. Last time he went upstream, this time we went down.

Before we even started, I should have yelled "stop." Right out of the gate Mark was tromping through poison ivy...and now I'm hoping he didn't get too close. His right calf features a Boba Fett tattoo, it would look bad with blisters.

Mark rolled this one around in the mud
Even without any new rain to speak of, the creek still flowed.....slowly. We found ourselves fishing anything that looked deeper than six inches, those were the holes. Jubilee Creek should be renamed Chub Creek. I lost track around fifteen, and that was in the first hole.  I'm willing to admit I caught at least twenty-five of the feisty buggers.

Still fighting
The lure of choice today was the classically simple 1/16th ounce white grub. If you can't catch fish with one of those, you shouldn't be fishing. Bass, bluegill, crappie, walleye and apparently's irresistible. Bait size is important and catching numbers means throwing the smallest one you can.

Note to self: don't drink the water
With that many chubs there are bound to be bass near by. The holes are shallow and spread out, but I think some exploration ought to reveal deeper water and pay dirt. Until then chubs can put a good bend in ultralight rods.


  1. Can you be immune to poison ivy? I either am or have gotten extremely lucky twice now. Boba's insignia is safe and secure

  2. got one up on me! I have never even seen a chub. It sounds like a good time...

  3. @mark, yes you can be way to find out for sure.

    @rd, chubs are fun!

    @The Emb, it was great fun

  4. That looks like a ton of fun and looks really similar to a place I fish quite often, which is filled with tiny smallmouth and bluegill. Good times to catch 20-25 of those in an early morning!

  5. My biggest regret from growing up in the IL is not having the creativity and spontaneity to venture to all those creeks and puddles for fishing. That exploration looks like a ton of fun.

  6. Come home Dr. Timmy, come home!


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