Aug 12, 2011

A Smoking Gun Holding Ape

Friday night again..damn it, why don't we ever have anything to do?

I first heard Rilo Kiley on Austin City Limits. Digging a little deeper revealed a band I could really get into. With few exceptions I am not a fan of female vocalists. Jenny Lewis is the first exception, in fact this band has a few songs with male vocals - those songs suck. Check out their biggest hit:

See below for more...


  1. Clif ~ Maybe it's time that I send you some movie tix so you don't have to go to all of this work posting!! Haha. My excuse...prep night for the next morning fishing trip. And boy, do I need one after this week! : )

  2. Talking leads to touchin' and touchin' leads to sex? Hmm... What will these crazy kids think of next!?

    On a side note that was a nice tribute to taxidermy. Oh, and happy Friday.

  3. Jenny Lewis is wonnnnnnnnderful! Also check out Neko Case if you haven't.....amazing.


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