Aug 15, 2011

Two Pound Blues or Head Meet Wall

The goals are up there, staring at us both - I'd be a failure if I didn't finish them off. We are now 7/12ths of the way through the year and my chance to complete everything is diminishing by the minute.

And I'm banging my head against a wall

Specifically, the goal about catching a three pound bass on four pound line is giving me nightmares. That is the one goal I expected no trouble with, yet I've logged countless hours with light tackle in hand....nothing but a dozen (or so) two pounders to show for the effort. Only in my current state would I be disappointed in fish like this:

Mark my words. Next year there will be no least none you will know. It is not the failure that scares me, the need to put a strike through each one is ruining the only "me time" I get.

On second thought, maybe I will have one goal:


  1. Its good to have goals, but not to the point of stressing about! Im sure it wouldn't bother anyone if you tweaked it a bit...

  2. maybe you should just man up and accomplish those goals already.

  3. Don't worry, we will both fail in meeting all our goals. They are things to strive for, not to actually achieve!

  4. How many days of catching 2-pounders throughout the day would you give up to catch 1-5 pounder on light tackle, one time?

    Exactly. Not a lot. Have fun. Go fishing. If you're having a great day, switch to bigger lures and smaller line, and maybe you'll meet your goal.

  5. @Ivan: I wish I could ban you

    @Everyone else: Thanks for the words of support. I'll get through this. :)

  6. @ clif - i was expecting some response about how i haven't accomplished most of my goals listed on my blog as well, but I like your response a lot more.

  7. @Ivan: You're still here huh?


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