Aug 31, 2011

The Wheel Don't Lie

When she pulls out the honey-do list, I have her spin the Whatodo wheel instead.

Sorry hun, the wheel don't lie.


  1. @Jay - This one came from Alaska, I suggest your book a flight soon before it gets too chilly up there.

    Mine could be had for a price....

  2. Wouldn't work for me...probably doesn't for you either. but it is kind of funny.

  3. I need one for the office and one for home too, Clif! You might have a bidding war on your hands.

  4. reminds me of this brilliant song.

  5. @Cosifher: Funny works in certain ways too man.

    @Mel: For their to be a war, I need at least two bids...hell, I'll take one.

    @Ivan: I hadn't pegged you as a juggalo

  6. This needs to be rigged with only one fishing spot. No. Make that 1/4 of a fishing spot. Otherwise wifey will say, "Why does fishing get that many spots?" or "does fishing really need its own spot?"

    Fishing - Providing conversation for bored wives since 500BC.

  7. @clif - I'm no juggalo. Please tell me you made it to the magnet part.


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