Aug 30, 2011

Where the Creek and River Converge

Where the creek and river converge, a train runs overhead about every fifteen minutes and the beach nearby is sandy.

I looked like a liar with a red face. I promised Mark good fishing and instead delivered a tough bite. Last time I fished here, the flows were more favorable existent and the fish were willing. Sunday we had to walk all the way to the mouth of the creek before we found a sizable hole of semi-stagnant water. In that hole I found a green sunfish.

A mile and a half is a long way to trudge through muck for a chance to catch small greenies. Luckily, I brought Mark along and he was able to trick a couple largemouth. My prowess as a guide isn't absolutely terrible.

The walk back was easier, having seen the creek once we opted for the firm bank and more direct route. No less treacherous though - poison ivy was thick.


  1. Both got into're a good guide.

  2. I did succeed in showing mark where there is sometimes good smally fishing. There's that...he'll just have to trust me.

  3. I hear ya, man. For me the fishing is worst when I need good fishing the most. All in all...not too shabby.


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