Aug 26, 2011

Your Heart as Well as Your Body

Happy Friday, I'm publishing this one earlier than normal cause it's about time for bed.

Here's a band that's been around for a little while but just recently pinged my radar....perhaps a bit too olde-timey-Appalachian for some, but haters gonna hate.

Mumford & Sons showed up one day recently on my Pandora station (btw, Pandora on a tablet is the best thing ever.) Now they won't get off the air and that is OK with me.

This next one is kinda slow for a minute or so, be patient.

Now something a little different, for you uncultured types.


  1. excellent tune-age this evening, very well done.

  2. Pandora is pretty rockin'! I listen to it on the river. To be honest, not quite sure if Mumford does it for me...more chubs! !

  3. @D-nasty: yup

    @R-deasy: can't make everyone happy, tune in next week.


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