Sep 5, 2011

...and Me Without My Fly Rod

While walking to the parking lot I spied him... could it be?

It is not common to see another fly rodder in central Illinois, but Monday I happened across one - in the wild, totally unplanned. It was the first time ever....and me with out my fly rod.

His name is Fred. Or was it Frank? He had just started fishing and I had just finished, but we made time for a chat about smallie fishing in Illinois. I suspect he may end up reading this, so everyone better act normal. We have company.

(I did catch fish, but you'll have to wait for that)


  1. Very cool. I also fish in some places where it's very uncommon to see another fly fisher. It's like seeing a rare endangered species in the wild.

  2. There's another guy who fly fishes Charter Oak sometimes who was ecstatic to see me attempting to fly cast when he came down the first time.

    It's like a secret that you're both in on.

  3. For a long time, I would go weeks without seeing another fly-guy on the water. Then the drought hit. I happened across three the other day, I guess everyone is fishing the water we have left.

    Nothing against you though, but I crack up every time someone tells me they are a fly fisherman: while they are standing on a bank chunking treble-hooked toys in the water.

  4. I was so giddy when I saw somebody holding a fly rod instead of a surf rod out here in Virginia. Since then, I've learned there is a group of fly fishers out here. You just have to know where to find them. Hopefully, you didn't scare this guy off :)

  5. @Jay: You described my feelings exactly

    @Mark: I guess they're around

    @OBIF: I'm a fly fisherman when I'm taking a crap too. :)

    @D-Nasty: Apparently I missed a fly angler gather by one week, so says Fred.

    @Murphyfish: Very good question.

  6. Fun stuff! I really like that water in the picture....


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