Sep 9, 2011

Reminder of the Good Years

The Clarks remind me of the good times. Live music and cold beer at The Copper Dragon.

The song that sealed it was actually a cover...have a listen.

Home made turbine engines also remind me of college:


  1. Home made turbine engines = AWESOME
    The Clarks = Pittsburgh a**clowns one of my college x girlfriends used to worship. She went to every concert... I think she ended up marrying a townie after we broke up...

  2. @funk-don't get angry just because the "townie" had something you didn't.

  3. A tolerance for chicks that like bands like the Clarks? (:

  4. Excuse me, I must have the wrong house...I was looking for LUNKER HUNT, the fishing blog. Seriously though, good music and fishing are like peas and carrots, right?


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