Sep 6, 2011

Timestamps - A Pictorial

Monday I went fishing in the Mackinaw River and many strange things happened. This week, I'm featuring a mini-series to cover the oddities. Monday night's post kicked things off, here is part two:

It was a beautiful day with a nip in the air, I wore a jacket and my waders to stay warm:

At 1:27pm on I caught a smallmouth on a white grub:

I caught him amongst these logs:

At 1:33pm (6 minutes later) I caught this fish from the same spot:

I have decided it was the same fish. The second picture is a little overexposed, so the colors don't quite match the first picture. But the fish's markings and that distinct line in it's eye are common. What do you think?


  1. Hmmm, that does in fact almost look like the same fish! The overexposure makes it a little difficult to be sure, but the similarities are there, for sure. Almost identical markings on the cheek area and the same line on the top of the eye.

    Pretty cool either way, at least you caught something!

  2. Well...he wasn't the smartest fish on the block! Ha

  3. Great pics and it does indeed seem to be the same fish. Aggressive little bugger, i would seem.

  4. Looks like the same fish or his identical twin.

  5. i think you caught him once and took two photos.

  6. My coworker just pointed out the coloring right behind the gill plate may not be the that so or is it perspective changing?

    He also thinks these are pictures of largemouth, so what does he know.

  7. They look very similar, but i think they may be different fish. The first picture the fin just behind the gill seems jagged, where the second fish that same fin seems smooth and uniform. Im not sure if I made that very clear, but it does appear to be a different fish to me.

  8. Well Clif, I was going to say that I think you fell in and drank some of that spring water, but by gosh it does look like the same fish.


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