Sep 2, 2011

To Be Born Again

Happy Friday to one at all. Looking for something to kill time?

This week we're going to do things a little different. Instead of featuring a particular band, this post is focused on a song. Astral Weeks is the title song for Van Morrison's classic 1968 album with Warner Bros. Morrison described the song is:
"like transforming energy, or going from one source to another with it being born again like a rebirth. I remember reading about you having to die to be born. It's one of those songs where you can see the light at the end of the tunnel and that's basically what the song says."

The song has been covered by many other musicians, each adding their own personal touch and feeling. My favorite version is by The Secret Machines, they're not a very good band in general but they rock this song. I can't find it on Youtube so here is an "audio only" version:

If that didn't work (it probably didn't...grrr) try this link

Another outstanding cover version is The Swell Season's solo acoustic version, as played by Glen Hansard:

And with everything out there worth loving, some will love it too much. Those people will make the rest of us uncomfortable by publishing videos like this:

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  1. " I'm a stranger in this land....another time....another place...."... Van Morrison,certainly a unique voice, a unique artist... other interpretations? finds it's own boundaries....this was time well spent for me ...thanks


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