Oct 30, 2011

Alabama Rig, Applied to Life

If you have only a mild interest in bass fishing, you've heard about the "Alabama rig." Or "umbrella rig" as it's known in certain other bass fishing circles. It's all the rage these days on the tournament circuit.

Photo courtesy of thealabamarig.com

The R&D team at Lunker Hunt Laboratories is pleased to present the concept refocused....

Alabama Conference Call

Alabama Bullets

Alabama Golfing

Alabama Motorboatin'

Alabama Pisser

Pink Alabama Ukulele


  1. Thank you for enlightening us. Are these things tournament legal?

  2. Next time I get into a pissing contest, that Alabama pisser will sure come in handy.

  3. Ha! I realize now that I've been making golf way too hard...

  4. Just be happy I didn't share our "Alabama Love Maker"

  5. I would like to see the alabama love maker!

  6. Alabama wives? I like the Alabama rig so much even my Alabama rigs are on an Alabama rig.

    Seriously though these things are stupid and need to be banned from tourney's

  7. Nice Alabama-Collection! This rig is for idots, not for fishermens


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