Oct 3, 2011

Desperation, Desire, South of Chilly

I landed a dink on my first cast whist standing on the ramp. My kayak sitting at my feet, an ominous sign of things to come.

What followed was sloooow fishing. An odd string of events led me to "paddle-troll" a shallow running crankbait through thirty feet of open water with an ultra-light rig...the equivalent of tying kitchen sink to my line. I'm running out of time to scratch off the year's goals. Call it desperation or desire, I did some funny things this weekend...

Giving up foolish trolling, I opened a granola bar, took a pull from the water bottle and proclaimed the fishing to officially stink. Blue bird skies, plunging water temps and enough wind to frustrate delicate presentations. I had to pack it in or kill a couple hours until the golden hour - my last chance. I chose the latter, the final act of a desperate man.

The golden hour starts when the breeze stops, this is your signal to tie on topwater "stuff." Largemouth bass on the surface is the most fun an angler can have, any other presentation during the golden hour is a missed opportunity for heart stopping fun. Make the most of each cast, your time is limited. I was not disappointed in my decision to stay, but missed far too many strikes to call it an outright success.

A pound short of goal number two, I'll have to get out again soon. The days are getting shorter and we'll be "falling back" before you know it. Our air was somewhere south of chilly by the end of the night.


  1. I don't set goals for the seasons. I suppose "fish as much as possible" is my annual goal which is always achieved though "as much as possible" never near seems enough.

  2. Hi Clif, way to persevere! Still a real nice fish even if it didn't accomplish the "Bucket List" thing.

  3. This has been a weird fishing summer all over the country. Fishing has stunk all year. Maybe a new year will help things along. One can hope.


  4. Come on Clif. You're a fisherman. Just claim the fish was over 4lbs and you can cross that goal off!

  5. Every day we can spend on the water is a gift from (chose one) ( )God ( ) Your boss ( ) Your wife
    I think you had a pretty successful year!

  6. @cosifher, you're gonna have to deal with that fat lady alone, my year ain't over yet buddy.

  7. Incredible picture...doesn't matter how much it weighs...


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