Oct 26, 2011

A Match in My Pocket

In the canyon, wind does terrible things to fly anglers. Shear walls grab the breeze, accelerate it to a gust and redirect it's aggression. The angle of attack seems to change randomly and quickly.

A day alone on the water was my birthday wish and I returned to the scene of the crime to catch a few bass and maybe snag an Asian carp or two. The carp were no where to be seen, but the smallies did not disappoint.

In a certain pool, I was constantly seeing them slurp the surface. I took a quick glance around and saw no bugs, so I settled on a #16 gray/dun traditional dry. I brought a little too much muscle but such was the opportunity presented and I'd be a fool to ignore it.

After the first cast yielded a shad, I had a thought about you trout guys. I thought about how easy you have it; your quarry broadcasting their position in such a way. At least feeding bass are somewhat difficult to locate...

After the second or third fish, I started to realize why you like it so much. The challenge of rolling over and delicately laying down a dry is the sort of challenge I love...and it ain't easy with 3X tippet and 8wt line.

After the third or forth fish, I felt bad for not inviting Dave. So I sent him a TXT to rub salt....

"Shad are taking #16 dries on the Vermilion right now."

At the truck I finally saw a bug...

I had a perfect match all along.


  1. p.s. Based on the title, I was expecting you to catch fire at some point during the post...

  2. Very nice. Still jealous of your "blue broomstick." Maybe I'll ask Santa to bring me one.

  3. @Brookfielder, yup

    @The Emb, maybe that's what I wanted

    @Jay, you should be jealous :)

  4. Getting a Smallmouth to sip in your bug is always a treat and it doesn't matter what size the fly is!

  5. those are some hefty shad, you ever eat those?

  6. @Blake, never eaten one but at 12-14" they get pretty meaty.

  7. I think those might be mooneye, not shad. Sorry if I'm stepping on a local name.

    Most shad have a spot behind the gill plates and a long filament at the end of the dorsal fin.


  8. @T-Smithy: could be...I don't know much if it isn't a "sport fish"


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