Oct 11, 2011

Pinch Your Barbs, a Gentleman's Game

Do you enjoy a noble spot of fly fishing from time to time? Perhaps you also have persnickety and invasive species in the local flow? If so, feast them peepers on Clif's Asian Carp Snagging FlyTM

Fourteen gauge steel, three points of death and two patents pending. Snuggle the "high-viz" yellow to the side of your problem and give a hearty tug - congratulations on tail-hooking your first torpedo.

If he gets the chance, your net man will give thanks for pinched barbs*

*Safety glasses recommended but not required for all parties within 100 feet...seriously.


  1. Please allow me to tag along to see that thing used.

  2. Hmm, I was picturing something more like six of those tied end to end to end to end to end to end. Now that would be a snagging fly!

    But I think the correct way to catch Asian carp is with a baseball bat on a boat.

  3. this was definitely worth the wait. but quadrupling it up would be entertaining to say the least.

    and great blog title, lesser bloggers may not have been able to survive such a stumble.

  4. @Dr. Timmy and Ivanski: This may be funny, but it's hardly a joke. I intend to have this on hand the next time I spy one of those bastards. 6 trebles tied end-to-end might improve hook up percentages, but casting it would be a pain.

    I'm all about practicality here.

  5. I most certainly do, Remington brand shooting glasses.

  6. I like it Clif. You may have started a trend here. Definitely something classy about a pinched barb treble.

  7. I'm staying away from any three pronged gizmo of death, thank you very much. Pinched or unpinched.

  8. Oh yes, go get'em. Many a time I've had a size 2 or larger, treble hook, wizz by my head while snagging Mullet in Florida. Ya just learn to duck. Personally I'd leave the barbs on. Asian Carp are not a sport. They are a mission.



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