Nov 26, 2011

Apocalypse Fish and the Social Net

Dave and I planned to fish but had trouble deciding on a spot. The chance for success was slim due to cold water temps so I was trying to limit my gasoline bill. While the missus cooked a delicious breakfast casserole, Dave acted as advanced scout. His report from Charter Oak came back with windy conditions, dead lily pads and no fish. Dave went looking for a heavier coat and I checked The networking is a wonderful thing:

Arkham City? I am not "Lol."

Too cold to fish? After shaking the wimp out of Mark, we agreed to meet up and try out his new sportsman's club membership. The experience was unique to say the least.

All of us caught fish, Mark and I some more than Dave others, but what made the day interesting was the constant sound of gunfire. The lake is almost completely surrounded by shooting ranges, and the late breaking warmth brought the gun nuts out in full force. It was like fishing in the middle of a g'damn zombie apocalypse.

"That sounds like a giant gun."
"Yea, it's at the hand gun range too."
"I wonder what kind it is."
barely a hand gun."
"I think it's a two hand gun."

I'll call him "Black Stripe"

If the lake fishes like that in late November, it may be worth another look in May. I may even check into membership options...if I can forget the sour taste of my last club membership.

It would be a perfect excuse to buy that hand-cannon I've had my eye on. BOOM! BOOM!


  1. The fish look good, and the Lake may be a place to check again come May next year, however, all that noise would make me jumpy. Especially in mid-cast!

  2. We'll get you turned into a raving gun nut soon enough.

    Dave may have caught the least amount of fish but I would've traded both of mine for one the size he caught.

  3. @Mark: Thanks for inviting us to your gun club. I had a BLAST!

  4. Nothing wrong with a "hand cannon". Ya never know when you might run into a bear or something bigger (Bigfoot?).


  5. @Mel: when was the last time you jumped?

    @Mark: Shhh, you weren't supposed to say that

    @Tubeman: No bigfoot, but we have thunder birds around here.

  6. Does the quotation marks around "lol" in the caption of the facebook convo mean you don't like LOLs. I hope it does. I don't like all.

    Fish in November is no easy feat. Well done sir.

  7. Mark, please don't turn Clif into a gun nut...he's already raving.

  8. @Ivanski: you make me lol

    @Cosifher: It's better than a raving nut nut


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