Dec 27, 2011

A Mediocre Year, Lets Rehash It

Oh what a year 2011 was. She had some ups and downs and will live forever in my memory due to certain reasons. The past couple years I've put together a recap story; a means to celebrate my perpetually limited success in blogging. Seeing as I'm inconsistent in every other aspect of my life, why not take something serious for once and do it've got to start somewhere.

We've picked up some new readers along the way. Here is a great chance to catch up and see what you missed - all wrapped up in one tidy package. The following is the best Lunker Hunt had to offer in 2011. For previous year recaps, click here.

In January, I unveiled Clif's Crawdad in it's latest form. A bass fly whose degree of tying difficulty is only offset once you get it wet. For video tying instructions smash your finger on this link.
I caught wind of an $8000 fly fishing reel and the creative juices flowed. The result was some of my finest work. A holier person than I might even say I was inspired by God.

One of the biggest draws of the year was my Oscars post. Many thanks to a few of you who liked it and linked up.
Still wallowing in the depth of winter, more fishing related content came in February without me actually fishing. The poster series in which we probably offended you.

In March, things were finally starting to get fishy around here. I got out of the gate in a hurry with a nice grain fed trout, albeit one I snagged in the ass. I followed up with one of my first videos.
Another big hit came when I showed off my fishing hat and chronicled its journey to becoming something the missus would rather not have in the house.

In late March, I journeyed to the land of big sky and big trout: Montana. Fishing the Bighorn River for three days produced so much content I milked spread it over three posts. The preview, the video and the pictures.
I decided to give the Google what it wanted and authored a post rife with information and commonly used keywords. Many people would like to know how to fish Senkos...and I obliged.

Winning some stuff from OBN is great, but then you gotta go through the work of using and reviewing it. Luckily the Berkley Havoc baits were a treat.
In May, the gills came shallow and I had two or three of the most exciting outings of the year. Catching gills on a 3wt is the most fun a person should have...sadly my hoopty noodle broke and such fun is no more.

So you want to be a blogging superstar and enjoy benefits of marginal value like me? Here are some blogging tips, and how to connect your profession to your blogging addiction.
Some of my 2011 fishing goals took luck, others took work. One goal in particular took both and I struggled immensely in attempts to kill it.

Brady came in from Colorado and I showed him how much more fun bass are than trout...and he loved it hard.
The 5th Annual Toothless Beaver Fishing Trip went off with fewer injuries than average. Plus, no one was arrested and we caught more than just a buzz.

"We've been polishing this turd for years, and it still looks like shit." - Click here to enjoy some hilarious hijinks from the Red Neck Fishing Derby in Bath, IL where fishing poles are not allowed.
I went after a noble game fish and ended up with a disgusting gar...believe me, I was happy to have it too.
It took me exactly six minutes to catch the same fish twice...well I think it's the same fish and could use some help knowing for sure. What do you think?
Dave put on sensible shoes, we explored some new waters in search of smallies and I snagged an Asian carp. The experience left me thirst for more; I even designed the Asian Carp Snagging FlyTM.

Bass Pro Shops opened a store very close to my home. I braved the crowds on opening day to see what the fuss was - having tying materials nearby is a good thing.
A business trip to China left me with a day to play. I spent part of it fishing. I can now say I've done that and probably won't do it again. Part 1. Part 2.

As the Alabama Rig took the bass fishing world by storm, I jumped on the band wagon and poked fun and the idea. This post is a gold mine for google related traffic and has become my second most popular post of all small feat in such a short time.
I wrote my final blog post in November...but didn't publish it. I still have it saved as draft and on certain days my trigger finger starts to itch.
A fishing trip during hunting season can be a treat, if only due to interactions we have with "those other" outdoorsy type people.
In December, I took my final fishing trip of the year (or so I thought) and penciled in the first couple lines of a country song...yet to be completed.

So there you have it: a mediocre year summed up in one giant mediocre blog post. Here's to a great 2012 for you and yours...and may I retain the conviction to avoid publishing "that one post" and keep this shit show going for another few months.


  1. What a cool look back! I missed a couple of those and thanks to this recap, I feel like I'm all caught up again! Here's to a great 2012 for the incredible Lunker Hunt(er)!

  2. And owl's orange stingers are up there somewhere.

  3. Bass on a fly are indeed cooler than trout and are commonly found in the ponds and lakes around my home town St. Louis. Great post!

  4. Oh Clif...where do I start. Ok...put that finale away! None of us are ready for that yet. I thank you for giving me a laugh on days that I need it (usually before work). I pick as my fave two, the China trip where you had a day off in a distant land and decided to fish in a canal...for what? Ha! My other fave is your Big Horn trip...which is a much fonder memory of fishing for you, I'm sure!

  5. Catfishing - People Eat That Shit? A Classic.

  6. @captain, thanks for reading

    @Gary, you bet...they're even fun on spinng gear too

    @Rd,thanks for sticking around and feeding my ego with great comments such as that one.

    @T-Rage, one of my faves fo-sho....probably because I know how tasty they are.


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