Dec 29, 2011

My New Video Camera

The missus noticed my recent post about the Kodak Playsport she bought last year. This past Christmas, she sneaked something special under the tree for me - at the meetings, we call that "enabling."

I took my new Panasonic HM-TA20 camera fishing the other day and you can see the results below. No fancy music or editing...just a four short clips to see how it works. Try it in HD if you like but don't adjust your volume, there is no sound until the final clip.

With one trip under my belt, here are the first impressions on the TA20:

  • Picture/video quality still poor in low light but...
  • ...this one comes with a LED flash to use for picture and video.
  • Close-up capability is better than the first gen Playsport I had previously.
  • I'm loving the little tripod that comes with it, you'll be seeing my face more.
  • 3" screen is awesomely huge but...
  • ...touch controls are more difficult than buttons
  • I forgot to stick it in the water to see how that works.
  • I'm not crazy about the idea of a permanent battery
  • Grabbing stills from video will come in handy
Here's a close-up of Dangle lounging in our dim living room - taken in 2MP mode

And here is a still I pulled from the 720p video. I also cropped it down some.


  1. Looks great...really crisp images. But driving while filming...? Danger, danger, danger! ;)

  2. Ya, I took a lot of video on the drive. Most of it was real shaky and unusable. I guess that's a con: does not dampen out Illinois pot holes.

  3. You'd think cameras would would have some sort of pot-hole setting these days...

  4. Nice cam! I have the non-waterproof model and am very happy with the video quality and ease of use. There some things that annoy the heck out of me, but it serves its purpose perfectly.

  5. nice camera. santa seems like a nice enough lady. i thought the video was pretty damn crisp. look forward to the third official lunker hunt video in next couple weeks...if not days.

  6. Panasonic has been good to us. I think your better half made a fine choice.

  7. Well...I'm glad that you got something different this time...I'm waiting to read more on this, as I haven't made up my mind yet on what to buy.


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