Dec 14, 2011

More Like Kodak NO-sport

I like to take things apart when they stop working..and sometimes when everything's fine.

I can no longer do anything but watch it cycle through menu options like a button is stuck, but I can assure you the buttons are not stuck.

This piece of crap Kodak Playsport is going in the garbage. Any recommendations for something similar that doesn't suck balls?


  1. I just bought a Panasonic TA2. It takes very good video and good night time video. It takes crappy pictures, though. The TA2 isn't waterproof, but the TA20 is.

  2. Ok..this was going to be my next purchase. So, now I wait to read your comments! I don't particularly want to do surgery on it a few months later!

  3. If by something similar, you mean waterproof, we've been pretty happy with our Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS10. There is a newer model out now, but ours has been reliable for over a year now. It's actually waterproof and takes decent pics. Most of the fishing photos on my blog were taken with that camera.

  4. Hey-yo! What a zinger. I think the go pro hero 1's are going on sale with the introduction of the go pro hero 2.

  5. I, too, love to see what makes things tick. I don't often open them up when they are functioning, but have no problem getting under the hood when they don't. I end up fixing things most others would have thrown away. There's great satisfaction in that.

    Sorry 'bout the Playsport. I love my Olympus Tough 8000, but it's a bit pricier than that 'sport. But then, it does work.

    Happy Holidays, my friend.

  6. Wow...uncool. Mine has been going strong for about a year - it's been dropped, mishandled by hordes of kids, taken on roller coasters, submerged in swimming pools and left in the's beat up on the outside like nobody's business and still going strong. Sorry to hear you got a lemon...

  7. I'm thinking about just going to hand-drawn photos from now on. Don't laugh.

  8. funny, mine works great... its been abused pretty well and submerged multiple times. Sorry to hear that :(

  9. I have a Kodak C195 that has been great. I don't worry about waterproof since I don't think fish take very good photos anyway.

  10. Electronics - got to go to the electronics recycler not the trash. We must not put trash in the trash for fear of the recycle police. They are watching you.


  11. Nick, sounds like my playsport used to behave.

    RD, it is pretty affordable and no every one gets lemons...just owl and I

    J, thanks for the tip

    Ivan, I saw some sales out there in a quick search...I better decide quick huh?

    Mike, I'm batting about 0% with my fixes, but it sure makes me feel better to try. And a happy hannakah to you.

    Co angle, glad someone got a good was nice while it worked.

    Owl, you have so many ideas

    Blake, again I'm happy for you too

    Tube an, good thing we don't waste money on garbage police...we're too busy prosecuting governors around here.

  12. Whatever you get, get a warranty through My daughter has been through a Flip video camera and one of these--ours stopped charging after 45 days. We're on our second Kodak now. Our $15 Squaretrade warranty has covered all of them.


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