Jan 6, 2012

Diamond Scales and Gold Leaf Fin

A bluefin tuna recently sold for $736,000 in Japan. The fish weighed 594lb (field dressed I suppose) and will result in a $90 loss for every sushi roll sold. Those Japanese are crazier than we thought.

At $1,238 per pound, I'm beginning to rethink my preference for fresh water fishing - sustainability be damned.


  1. Pass the tuna sandwich, please. How much? Forget it...I'll have PB&J!!

  2. They're going to eat them into extinction. It's despicable, if you ask me.

  3. There is just something wrong with that. There's got to be something wrong with them too to pay that kind of money.


  4. Can we market carp into this kind of frenzy? I know where to find a few.


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