Jan 29, 2012

Salt Crystals Sparkled on Your Sole

You became a bit of a novelty...a conversation piece at times, but you had a special place in my heart and mind. You always will. Standing between you and shoe heaven was a simple decision to act, a switch in my head.

Once clicked, the switch can not be reconnected and I undertake such thoughts solemnly.

 We were young when we first met. I, a high school sophomore, and you still in a box - fresh off the slow boat from Asia. I was starting track and needed practice shoes. My parents obliged. The early years were filled with highs and lows. You helped me through grueling ladder runs but I always ditched you ahead the gun...and glory...in favor of flashy pink and white sprinter's spikes.

Always there for me, nonjudgmentally on the infield and an excuse to catch my breath.

Then came college and we really hit our stride. You took me to the rec for jogging, weights and wallyball. We went down to college street and helped "take the strip." We cheered the Salukis before Coaches Weber and Kill got paid for Big 10 upgrades. You strolled across the prettiest campus in the world. You saw me through it all and I apologize for getting sick on you...twice.

We learned about life together. We learned about love.

One day much later, a pair of Adidas came and took your place. No big deal, you were having a rough time keeping up and needed a slower life. Still stretching your laces behind the mower and odd jobs from time to time. You knew my foot well and I need not untie you...ever.

All summer long you wore a grass stain proudly. In winter salt crystals sparkled on your sole.

 Today I flicked the switch, you successor has been succeeded and shit rolls down hill you know. I held it back as long as possible but you are not even slippers now. They'll pick you up before first light at the curb. Fifteen years is a pretty good run but...

I'm sorry it couldn't last forever.


  1. Sometimes you just have to let them go. It's a sad thing, but the hurt will lessen as time goes by.


  2. I had to put mine down as well. The trash guy let me spend a few more moments alone while we reminisced our triumphs and da feets. Remember the time you stepped into the dog do? Or the time you helped me escape the snarling dog that wanted a piece of my leg? You pedaled my butt around the neighborhood and I gently placed you in the washing machine...to look good as new again. I just want you to know how much you meant to me.

    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to say goodbye again Clif.

  3. @Tubeman - Perhaps it's too soon to think about losing my pain, it's all I have left.

    @Cosifher - you win an award for genuinely making me laugh out loud. A good hearty chuckle. "Da Feets" hehe.

  4. The most heartfelt post I have read in awhile. God rest their soles!

  5. Clif- I really enjoyed that. Similar thoughts with many a pair of kicks over the years. Were you really a Saluki? Clyde Frazier, Mike Glenn. I ran into Joe Meriweather in NYC during the NIT's. Guy was wearing a full length leather. Imagine a 7 foot long leather coat!

  6. @Mel, stories like this really tug on your shoe strings?

    @H-Bone, Yes I am a Saluki, and you? don't forget Dennis Franz and Jim Belushi.

  7. Those shoes were made for walkin'!! ; ) It's hard parting with old friends...but, there will be new ones that will take you around the corner and back. Yet, another journey...

  8. Send this to Nike I say its worthy of a free new pair! 15 years wow man they must have been built better then too because I've got 3 year old pairs that aren't far off lol

  9. Really nice until the "you successor" typo fucked the flow up right at the end when it really mattered.


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