Jan 26, 2012

Sunfish Identification, Know Your Stuff?

A dude named Wayne shot me an e-mail recently. He was building a sunfish identification quiz and was interested in using some pictures of mine. After I saw his work I got excited about being included in such a project and granted immediate permission. Click here to take the sunfish quiz, it ain't easy but you'll learn a couple things...and no, I will not tell you how poorly I scored.

Next he needs to build a quiz to help me keep remember how to ID stripers, whites and "wipers."


  1. Only managed to miss one. Although the whole time I just kept wanting to refer to them all as 'brim'. Neat little quiz

  2. Only missed one...........the last question


  3. Fun quiz. Missed the last one, sad face! Love to catch all these species and would like to add a Warmouth to my list! Thanks for the quiz.

  4. @all three of you - You're all scoring better than me. When I catch them they're all "sunfish." It ain't too often I care to look close.

  5. I missed one, that was a fun little quiz. I wish I would have known you guys were creating one. I have some gill pics you could use.

  6. I can tell you a foolproof way to identify stripers...oh wait, there's only one "p" in there. Um, nevermind.

    Congrats on getting your pics picked! :)


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