Jan 3, 2012

This One Is For Ivan

I don't care what they say about Missoula and its residents. Anyone who makes delicious canned beer like this is "A-number-one" in my book.

I couldn't resist...it even says "We Make Water Fun!" Perfect for any Missoulian who is also a Fluvialist and enjoys canned beer.


  1. moose drool is my favorite beer. hands down. has been for years. when they put it in a can, I got all fuzzy inside. That might be because I finished the six pack, but mostly it was because I was happy. great choice!

  2. Put a check mark in the "pro can" column. Stick around, I may need help later.

  3. That's the classiest lookin' beer can I've ever seen. Too bad it doesn't make its way this far south.

  4. Big Sky is pretty pretty pretty classy. Moose Drool is certainly a great beer and a great beer to drink out of glass, cans, growlers, or pints. Good to know it is making it's way east. Just know that it is better in glass my friend...much like High Life.

  5. I'd try it just because of the name. Have to look in the beer aisle, next time I'm at the store.


  6. Clif
    A good brew is hard to beat even in the coldest winter.


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