Aug 14, 2006

Chetac Lake, Wisconsin

In August 2006 my soon to be wife and I went with her familty to Chetac Lake, Wisconsin. It's a decent sized lake in the area of Hayward, WI. Among others, the lake had largemouth, northern pike, crappie, and perch. They claimed to have walleye, but we couldn't prove it. My father in law and I went out every day and had very little luck (he didn't catch anything) until the last day we were there when we finally found where the bass were hiding and we both reeled some in.

A nice 2.5-3 lb bass I caught

28" northern I caught early in the trip.

Look at the belly on that one, he must have had a feast!

My lovely wife showing off her fine catch.

It's hard to tell, but there are three bass on that stringer.

My father in law finally caught one!

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